About Ratnaguna

TitelbildI was ordained, at the age of 22, into the Western Buddhist Order (now the Triratna Buddhist Order) in 1976. Lest you think that I’m therefore a monk, I should tell you that the Triratna Buddhist Order is neither monanstic nor lay.
Its founder – and my teacher – Urgyen Sangharakshita, is critical of what he sees as an unhealthy monk/lay divide in most Eastern Buddhist traditions, and he didn’t want to perpetuate that division in the West.
Instead, he created a community of committed practitioners who are free to decide which kind of life-style best supports their practice.
Three years after my ordination I moved from London to Manchester, where I helped to set up and establish the Manchester Buddhist Centre.
In 1993 I moved to a Buddhist study retreat centre (now defunct), where I studied and led seminars on Buddhist texts from various traditions, as well as on Sangharakshita’s particular teachings. In 2001 I returned to Manchester to work with Vidyamala in her budding project of teaching people how to live well with long-term health conditions, and a little later, along with Sona, we set up Breathworks.
I currently live alone in a flat in Manchester, where I reflect and write, continue to work for Breathworks as head of training, and occasionally teach at the Manchester Buddhist Centre and other Centres in the UK and Europe.