Art of Reflection

The Art of Reflection began life as a study module for a study course within the Triratna Buddhist Community. Originally consisting of six essays, Windhorse Publications asked me if I’d like to expand them and turn them into a book. Over the years, reflection has become my main spiritual practice, and my book The Art of Reflection is one of the fruits of those years of reflection.

Here are a couple of commendations of the book:
„Reflection is an important element in the spiritual life, and Ratnaguna explains what it is and how it is to be cultivated. He also shows how reflection connects with other aspects of the spiritual life, especially meditation. The book is based on personal experience, and Ratnaguna writes from the heart, though the book is also the product of a keen and searching mind.

The six chapters are enlivened with a variety of apt quotations, both scriptural and literary. No one who takes seriously the study and practice of the Dharma should fail to read this ground-breaking book.“

Urgyen Sangharakshita. Founder of the Triratna Buddhist Order and Community.

„In this beautifully written and accessible book Ratnaguna leads his readers through the Buddhist ways of reflecting and contemplating. Addressing the sources of our suffering arising from our short lives here, full of anecdotes and wisdom from personal experience, this is a gem of a book that can be savoured and will enlighten.“

Professor Paul Gilbert, OBE, author of The Compassionate Mind.

Here’s a talk I gave at the book launch at the Manchester Buddhist Centre, in October 2010:

And another talk at a book launch at the London Buddhist Centre in March 2011:

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